What’s Covered?

TikCover looks after your ticket cost in the event of…

Venue Catastrophe

If something unforeseen happens to the venue. This can be damage, license or zoning changes or any other unfortunate situation that prevents the venue from being able to host the event.

Event Manager Catastrophe

If anything unforeseen (like the above) happens to the event manager preventing the event from going ahead.

Ticket Holder Catastrophe

If the ticket holder experiences a major health incident (severe injury, severe illness requiring emergency medical intervention / hospitalisation etc) preventing attendance at the event.

Bereavement (immediate family member passing etc)

Other unforeseeable personal catastrophe (home fire/weather decimation etc.) within a week of the event date preventing attendance at the event.

In the above examples, documented evidence would need to be received to verify the incident.

What portion of my costs is refundable when eligible?

The raw cost of the event ticket only. Not the cost of the TikCover component or any booking fee imposed by the ticketing facility used to purchase it, or any credit card merchant processing fees.

For instance, on a concert where the ticket was $100, the TikCover component was $10 and the Booking Fee was $5. The overall outlay was $115, however only the $100 ticket cost is refundable for an eligible refund request.

What TikCover DOES NOT cover you for…

  • Refund requests submitted AFTER the commencement time of the event.
  • Changing your mind on a ticket purchase.
  • Your partner deciding not to come to an event with you.
  • A family event (or any other event) clashing with the same date.
  • Being forbidden to attend by a parent, guardian or government authority.
  • Illness or injury to someone other than a ticket holder.
  • Evacuation or cancellation due to terrorism threat, fire threat, criminal mischief threat, unruly or illegal behaviour at the event causing the event to be shut down or preventing it from proceeding.
  • Transport problems.
  • Wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Emotional breakdowns or arguments.
  • Motor vehicle accidents (unless they result in catastrophic injury requiring emergency medical intervention as described above).
  • Failure to remember that the event is on.
  • Failure to be organised early enough to attend.
  • Conflicting events scheduled on the same date.
  • Any other occurrence resulting in failure of attendance at the event deemed to be unacceptable by the Event Manager, Security staff or the Venue staff.

If your ticket is scanned in at the door, you are deemed to have attended.